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To apply this program, you must send your  application in two step:

  1. For International applicants please login at and choose Master of Public Health.
    Required documents to be upload:

    1. Photo*
    2. Passport*
    3. Most recent Graduation Certificate*
    4. Most recent Academic Transcript*
    5. Motivation Letter/ Letter of Intention *
    6. English Proficiency Test (IELTS/ ITP-TOEFL/ iBT)*
    7. Health Certificate*

    Please make sure that your file capacity less than 200kb for each document in *.jpeg format. For your information data and documents are marked * are mandatory, while others are not required or uploaded in online system. Please send the online form with number of application to

    For Indonesian applicants, please click the requirement at and send all requirements to :

  2. Applicants must also complete the TDR international postgraduate scholarship (application form) and email this form to: