Each department/degree programme/center for study that would cordially invite the visiting professor/lecturer/researcher should notice to do the following steps:

  1. Provide an official letter addressed to the Dean, cc Vice Dean for Research, Community Service and Cooperation in regard to the visiting professor/lecturer/researcher.
  2. Attach a copy of passport and CV of the visiting professor/lecturer/researcher, and tentative programme during their visit at faculty.
  3. Fill in the official guest form in One Gate System
  4. Sign the visiting lecture consent

IRO will then further process all those documents to ask for university issuing the letter of invitation (LOI) as well as UGM sponsor letter for visa.

For a short visit, less than 4 months, it may allow to get a Social and Cultural Visa (VKSB-211) which will be valid for 60 days. It is able to be extended for 4 times maximum whereas each extension will be valid for 30 days.

A week before VKSB expired, should it be extended by visiting IRO and bringing copy of passport with the VKSB page appeared. IRO will kindly facilitate to get UGM sponsor letter for visa extension that usually take three days. After getting UGM sponsor letter, the visiting professor/lecturer/researcher should then go to the local immigration office by bringing UGM sponsor letter and other required documents.